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Back Buzz - March 26, 2016

pumping heartThe Gallery Trike, First Floor, Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Once again it's been awhile since I’ve written a coffee review, and I do apologise. Not only have family problems, financial and job issues, and Life in general taken a front seat to more creative and fun pursuits, but I simply haven't had the opportunity to try any new places.

But suddenly, just this week, it occurred to me that there is in fact a new place I’ve tried. As I race through the boring minutiae of my mundane work week with my mind simultaneously digging its pitons into an overwhelming mountain of non-job issues, I usually celebrate the last day of my work week with a treat of a double macchiato from somewhere convenient to my workplace; and these work-convenient sources include what I've previously thought of as “that little stand”. It was only last week, when I was on my way to yet another soul-destroying airy-fairy psychological assessment (or job interview), that I noticed "that little stand", located in the first-floor atrium of the Millennium Galleries, is called The Gallery Trike. And then I realised that the bicycle I always see, that I had assumed was just parked next to it, is actually an integral part of it: a mutant bicycle with a two-wheeled coffee cart for the front half. Now, how cool is that?

The coffee is decent, and the prices are great, with my double macchiatos costing a mere £1.25. This is a definitely affordable treat for someone currently having to watch every penny she spends. Alongside the trike cart is a fridge offering sandwiches, cakes, snacks, and cold beverages. So far I've bought espresso drinks from two different women, both very friendly, and there appear to be regular gallery characters who stop by to say hello and chat.

Is it just a coincidence that the Gallery Trike is only a short walk from the Motore Coffee Van? Might we start to see other modes of coffee transportation popping up in the neighbourhood? A Coffee Bus, for instance? Train Car Espresso? How about a mobile skateboard coffee service? What about Coffee Drone? Just imagine it: a cappuccino coming down out of the sky, straight to your -- oh no, watch out for the Coffee Bus hurtling down Arundel Gate -- no, on second thought, a drone is not such a good idea.

I haven't had the chance to ask if the Gallery Trike is actually manoeuvrable. I mean, it would be a bit awkward to navigate, considering the top-heavy front and the reduced visibility. But in this day and age, anything is possible. Or at least it should be.

Speaking of possible things, here is a very short Facebook posting session about cement that can speak:

Concrete is now part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The dream of having concrete talk to your car is finally realised: “Smart” Cement Could Talk to Engineers about Well Conditions (Research & Innovation Magazine) Wowza, a lot of problems are going to be solved now! Would this mean your foundation might keep you up nights just hanging out and talking? It just wants to cement the relationship.