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Previous Pint Pleasures - February 2, 2004

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The Three Tuns, Silver Street Head, Sheffield S1, South Yorkshire

I'm surprised and a bit embarrassed that I hadn't discovered the Three Tuns until just recently. This is a fine pub in the centre of Sheffield. Located between Campo Lane and the ring road in an area populated by estate agents, legal offices, and recruitment firms, the pub sits on a sharp V of a corner, so sharp you could put your eye out if you approached it carelessly. Since I had just been to a couple of job interviews and was quite thirsty when my partner and I stopped in, I suppose we're lucky we didn't injure ourselves in our haste.

The Three Tuns is a very friendly pub with a pleasantly enthusiastic landlord who's passionate about his real ales. There are two regulars, Tetley and Landlord, and one guest which on the day we visited was Adnams Broadside. Our pints of Landlord (4.3% ABV, Timothy Taylor & Co. Ltd., Keighley, West Yorkshire), served in Timothy Taylor glasses, were absolutely perfect. As the landlord poured our drinks he mentioned that Landlord was Madonna's favourite beer. Ah, yes, a landlord knowledgeable in all aspects of cask ale! What more could you want?

As we had arrived too late for lunch we bought some snacks to stave off our hunger. After wolfing down my packet of peanuts I finally had the chance to concentrate on what I had already acknowledged was a fine pint of Landlord. It was absolutely lovely, wonderfully bitter and crisp -- a perfect Friday afternoon reward after a hard day at the recruitment centres. And cask ale isn't the only area in which the Three Tuns excels. Having just won an award for having the best kept pint of Stella Artois around, the pub had been the site of a promotional film production just the day before.

The decor of the split-level pub is fairly traditional with classy but sensual dark wood details. For some reason I detected a hint of art deco-ness -- and the fact that "Walk Like An Egyptian" by the Bangles was playing on the jukebox accentuated this effect. The pub was busy but not packed on this Friday afternoon, and we were told it gets quite buzzing in the evenings with city centre workers stopping off on their way home. Wednesday nights are quiz nights which start reasonably early compared to most Sheffield pubs.

So if you find yourself in the centre of Sheffield you have countless reasons to visit the Three Tuns. Just be careful as you approach the pub, because you don't want to poke your eye out...