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Having grown up in Long Beach, California, I spent a decade in Seattle and currently live in England, originally in Kent and now in Yorkshire. I have 25 years' experience in computer programming and design, 45 years of experience with beer, and 51 years of experience with coffee. Besides Double Shot Buzz and Pint Pleasures I designed the Bizzarrea Photo Resin Jewellery website (now defunct because of lack of funds).

I've also written several ebooks including two novels, and I have contributed articles to local CAMRA publications, Tramlines, and SmellTheCoffee.Com. I have appeared on local radio as Sheffield's resident American coffee aficionado. In addition to my web design and writing work I offer Internet research consulting. I have completed several contracts for Sheffield Hallam University, including working on a research project on the Sheffield Flood of 1864 and marking up and HTML-coding essays for online English Lit journals. I have also done some digital photography, specifically of antiques and of tourist attractions, and I have experience delivering leaflets door to door. My latest job is working part-time in a university library, but I am always seeking either a full-time or an additional part-time position.

Other paid job experience includes software development, court transcribing, working for an audience research company, designing catalogues for education materials, selling mail-order tapes and books, writing music reviews, and writing blurbs for tourist attractions. I am a very fast and accurate typist and a good proofreader and copy editor. I am very familiar with the Dewey Decimal System and I can work wonders with an RFID tag programming terminal and a barcoding machine. My special aptitudes include mathematics, foreign languages, logical thinking, and imagination. I have a degree in Radio, TV, and Film Production with a minor in Music Composition, and I can speak a bit of Spanish, French, and Russian. I am a musician and an artist, I have written and directed Super-8 films and videos, I have done a bit of acting, I can juggle, I am very physically flexible, I am a strong swimmer, I can ride a horse and a bicycle, I can roller skate and ice skate, I am a fairly average but very tactical pool player, I can do a bit of tap dancing, and I am so far impervious to seasickness. I used to play table tennis regularly and was known as the Spin Doctor.

Subjects that especially interest me include chaos theory and complexity, 3D printing, product design, industrial archaeology, cemeteries, urban design, structural engineering, architecture, Victorian life, ethnomusicology, and anything having to do with animals. I enjoy travel, reading, seeing live bands, walking, doing cryptics, vegetarian and seafood cooking, dining on many cuisines but especially Greek, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Ethiopian, French, Indian, Japanese, Cajun, West African, Brazilian, and Caribbean; I also enjoy drinking red wine, gin, and, obviously, fine pints and good espressos in interesting surroundings. I am fluent in both British and American English and I get along well with others.

Please e-mail me with your questions and comments.


Updated 1st July 2019