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(Plot Synopsis for Pilot Episode)

David Banner is alone in his flat preparing a nice meal for his girlfriend, Claire. Claire arrives and David pops open a bottle of champagne. Suddenly two armed men burst through the door and kidnap Claire at gunpoint. Angered and frightened, David instantly transmogrifies into the Incredible Sulk, his bulging green muscles ripping his shirt to shreds and his huge muscly green thighs bulging through his jeans.

"Oh, DAMN!" David/Hulk cries out, looking at his arms. "I really liked this shirt! A Tommy Hilfiger, too! Ah, shit, and I think I've torn the zipper on my Levis Vintage boot-cut jeans!"

The action immediately cuts to the city outside, with police cars racing through the street and detectives at the helm getting updates on their mobile phones. A mobile signal is traced to an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town, and the detectives race over to the site, weapons drawn. There is a shootout, a police officer and the two kidnappers are killed, and Claire is finally rescued.

Cut back to David Banner's flat: he's sitting on his sofa, still green and muscly, bare chested and wearing a pair of track pants with the TV remote in his hand. "Oh, GOD! Why is there never anything good on?" he moans.

© 2013 JC Mitchell

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